JKBMS Vol. 4,No.1

Article 1: Iatrogenic Bile Duct Injury Following Cholecystectomy, Surgical Management and Outcome: A Single Center Experience.

Faraidon Faiq Ahmed, Tayeb Sabir Kareem, Karzan Seerwan Abdulla, Qalandar Hussein Karim.

Article 2: The Efficacy of Infliximab Plus Methotrexate in Patients with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis in North of Iraq: 5 year Extended Study.

Niaz Jawad Albarzinji.

Article 3: Effect of Smoking on Hearing Impairment.

Rozhin Shaheen Saber ,Said Mustafa Said Al Jaff.

Article 4: Risk Factors of Metabolic Syndrome in Erbil City.

Saleem Saaed Qader.

Article 5: The Efficacy and Safety of Superficial Chemical Peel in the Treatment of Plane Wart.

Ayhan Omar Abdulkareem, Ali M. D hahir Elethawi.

Article 6: Validity of Tympanometry Versus Myringotomy Findings in Pediatric Middle Ear Effusion.

Dalia Kanan Talib ,Yousif Ibrahim Al-Chalabi.

Article 7: Bacteriology of Otitis Media with Effusion in Children and Their Sensitivity to Antibiotics in Erbil City.

Alan Shakir Shareef, AbdulKhaliq Abdulkareem Amin, Bushra Abdulkareem Amin.

Article 8: Cyclooxygenase-2 Immunoexpression in Invasive Breast Carcinoma: A Possible Prognostic Factor.

Maryam Abdulmajed Muhammad Ameen, Dr. Jalal Ali Jalal , Wahda Muhammed Taib. Alnuaimy.

Article 9: Management of Infected Gap Nonunion of Shaft of Femur by Ilizarov Method

Dr. Rooshad Ahmad Muhammad, Professor Dr. Omer Ali Rafq Barawi. 

Article 10: The Anthrometric Characteristics and Types of Cataract in Erbil City

Dr. Aras Taha Omar , Dr. Selwa Elias Yacoub .

Article 11: Signifcance of B-catenin Immunohistochemical Expression in Colorectal Carcinoma

Zilan Aziz Abdulrahman , Ava Tahir Ismael , Jalal Ali Jalal, Wahda Muhammed Taib Alnuaimy .

Article 12: IDH1(R132H) Immunoexpression in Glioma

Nyan Saeed Omer, Jalal Ali Jalal , Ava Tahir Ismael .

Article 13: The Presentation, Predisposing Factors and Outcome of Erb’s Palsy in Duhok City .

Sa’ad Mahmood Zebary, Dr. Khalid Nawaf Abdulrrahman

Article 14: Neonatal Polycythemia, Presentations and Associations: A Case Control Study .

Dlair Abdulkhaliq Chalabi, Kawes Omer Zangana 

Article 15: Causes of Cerebral Palsy in Sulaimani .

Dr. Omar Ala Ahmed. Dr. Aso Faeq Salih

Article 16: Prescription System, Administration of Drug and Medication Dispensing Errors in Treatment Process of Inpatients of Teaching Hospitals in Erbil City .

Ronia Shawkat Kawther, Esra Tariq Anwer 

Article 17: Functional Outcomes of Isolated Arthroscopic lateral Retinacular Release in Lateral Patellar Compression Syndrome .

Dr. Amanj Mohsin Mustafa, Dr. Las Jamal Hwaizi, Dr. Abdulkadr Muhammed SlemanAlany

Article 18: Dynamic Hip Screw Versus Proximal Femoral Nail in Treatment of Unstable Intertrochanteric Fracture of Femur AO/OTA Types 31 A2 and 31A3 in Patients above Sixty Years Old. A Comparative Study .

Rebar Nadhem Abdulrahman, Yousif Rashid Mohammed, Zainab Abdulwahab

Article 19: Outcomes of Operative Treatment of Displaced Intra-articular Calcaneal Fracture in Adult .

Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Abubaker, Dr. Sherwan Ahmed Ali Hamawandi, Dr. Abdulkadr Muhammed Sleman Alany

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