Regulations and Requirements

KBMS Examinations

1.  Admission (Preliminary).

2.  Part I (Primary).

3.  Part II (Final).

1.  Admission (preliminary) Exam

  • Conducted in April or May. Once per Year.
  • Time of Exam:  2 hours.
  • Success Mark: 60%.
  • Candidates should pass the exam to enter Short listing.

Mark Distribution:

                                     i.        50%    Exam.

                                    ii.        40%   MBChB Score.

                                   iii.        10%    Services.

Geographical Distribution:

                                         i.    Hawler 40%

                                        ii.    Sulaimania 40%

                                       iii.    Duhok 20%                    

2.  Part I (primary) Exam

  • Conducts at October and April annually.
  • Composed of One or Two or Three papers according to specialty
  • Time of Exam is 3 hours.

Mark Distribution:

                                     I.        90% Exam.

                                   II.        10% Assessment.

  • Success mark is: 60%.
  • Trainees should pass part one in Three Trials. If failed his Registration at KBMS will be canceled.

3.  Part II (Final) Exam

  • Composed of:
  • a. Written (Two Papers).

    b.Practical (Clinical Or OSCE and Oral)

  • Requirements:

a.   Pass the clinical skills

b.   Logbook

c.   Publication of 2 articles.

d.   Fees of exam

e.   Recommendation paper from the supervisor

v Part II (Final) Exam; Written

  • Conducts at October and April annually.
  • Composed of Two papers.
  • Time of Exam is 3 hours.

                      Mark distribution is:

                                                     i.        50% for each Paper.

                                                    ii.        Success Mark is: 60%.

                                                   iii.        Then trainees enter Practical Exam.



v Part II (Final) Exam; Practical

  •   Composed of:
  •                                      i.        Clinical Exam (One Long case and four Short cases) Or OSCE. (100 mark)

                                        ii.        Oral and Slide Exam. (100 mark)

  •   Examination should be conducted in one month from the date of written results announcement.

v Part II (Final) Exam; Marks and Grading


   Grading                  Marks

Failure                     <65

Pass                         65-74

Pass+                       75-84

Pass++                    85-89               

Pass+++                   ≥90             


  •   Applied for Clinical (OSCE) and Oral Exam.

v Part II (Final) Exam; Final Mark

  •   Success: defined by: 60% at Written + Pass Grade at Clinical or OSCE + Pass Grade at Oral.
  • Success mark is: 70%.
  • Trainees should pass part two in Four Trials. If failed his Registration at KBMS will be canceled.


In case the Trainees not passed in Practical Exam, They can in the Re-enter the Practical Exam again for two times without repeating the written exam.

If trainees not passed the written exam in the first place, The can enter the written exam in the next six month, and had to pass the written exam in three trials. Otherwise his registration will be canceled at KBMC, but they have the   right to apply to one of the medical college to examine high diploma in  his specialty.

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