Surgical specialties council

    Head of Faculty                                                                                                               

    A. Prof. Dr Las Hwaizi

    M.B.CH.B, C.A.B.M.S

    Dean of College of Surgeons, Dean of Faculty of Surgery.

  • Mission

    The clinical Council is dedicated to:

    • Serve the needs of our community for qualified surgeons with outstanding clinical skills who can provide the highest quality health care to patients.
    • Expand the boundaries of surgery via researches.
    • Educate the next generation of health care professionals through quality programs of teaching, research and services.
    • The Clinical Councils looks forward to prepare its postgraduates to succeed as leaders, professionals, responsible citizens and lifelong leaders.
  • Vision

    In fulfilling its mission, the Clinical Council will become a leader of community health care in Kurdistan. The Clinical Council will be widely recognized for the quality of its postgraduate and professional educational programs. It will be recognized as one of the top educational and research faculties in the country, attracting the best students, faculty and staff, both nationally and internationally through commitment to excellence in teaching, learning research and service. .

  • Sub-specialties
        General Surgery(Prof. Tahir Hwaramy)
        Urology(Prof. Dr. Ismael Hama Amin)
         Obstetrics and Gynecology(Prof Dr. Maeda Shamdeen)
        Neurosurgery(Prof. Dr. Sameer Hassan Abood)
         Anesthesia (A. Prof. Emad Bodjan)
        Cardio thoracic Surgery (A. Prof. Aram Baram)
         E.N.T (A. Prof. Arsalan Sham)
         Plastic Surgery (A. Prof. Mathhar Ali Ameen)
         Gastric Surgery (Prof. Taib Saber)
         Orthopedics (A. Prof. Las Hwaizi)
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