Instructions for Authors


The Journal of Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialties (JKBMS) is a peer reviewed journal of Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialties. It is published biannually. It welcomes contributions on new medical subjects from all parts of the world. Articles on clinical, basic scientific or laboratory investigations of relevance to medicine and dentistry come within the scope of its publication. Original articles, case reports, brief communications and letters to the editor are all considered. Submitted material is received for evaluation and editing on the understanding that it has neither been published previously, nor it will (if accepted) be submitted for publication elsewhere.

Ethical consideration:

When human investigations or animal experiments are part of the study, the work design has to be approved by a local ethics committee. Author(s) must submit a statement of approval on the ethical aspect of their research.

Preparation of the manuscript:

Manuscripts should conform the JKBMS style. The paper should be typewritten or printed, in 1.5 spacing on A4 papers (21x29.7cm) with a margin of at least 3cm above and bottom and 2cm on the sides of the pages. Typing is with the Times New Roman font as follows:

1- Font (size 16) bold for the title of the article.2- Font (size 14) bold for the main headings. 3- Font (size 12) bold for any subheading.4- Font (size 12) for the text of all the article, Tables and legends (Figures). 

No part of the text other than abbreviations and/or subtitles shall be written in capital letters. Header/foot notes, end notes, lines drawn to separate the paragraphs or pages etc. are not acceptable. The manuscript and illustrations should be submitted online to the Editor in-Chief to the following email address ([email protected]) and must not exceed maximum of ten pages (excluding the title page). The author(s) should give a signed consent for publication.

The article structure:

Articles should be set out as follows, each section beginning on a separate page:-

Title page: should give the information on title of article, initials and name of each author and the department and institution where the work was done. Please identify the corresponding author who will track the progress of the manuscript with JKBMS staff. - Abstract page; should include a brief statement about each of the main sections of the article (background and objectives, methods, results and conclusions). It should not exceed 250 words.

Text page(s): should include: Introduction; Patients and Methods or Materials and Methods; Structured Results; Discussion; Conclusions; and Acknowledgment (if any).

Introduction: should be between 350-600 words.

Reference page(s): All authors are responsible for the accuracy of their references. When quoted in the text they should include the author's reference number as listed in the reference list . The list of references should be in the same order of their appearance in the text (Vancouver style).The JKBMS reference sequence should be observed; name(s); initials; title of paper; name of journal as mentioned in Index Medicus; year; volume, first and last page number.Reference to periodicals, books, book chapters and web links should be set out as in the following examples:


1. Yang Z, Krasniei N, Lüscher TF. Endothelin-1 potentiates human smooth muscle cell growth to PDGF: effects of ETA and ETB receptor blockade. Circulation.1999;100:5–8.

2. Bauer M, Wilkens H, Langer F, et al. Selective upregulation of endothelin B receptor gene expression in severe pulmonary hypertension. Circulation. 2002; 105: 1034–1036.

Books: Blackledge A, Creese A.Multilingualism: a critical perspective, Continuum, London, New York, 2010.

Book chapters: Philips SJ, Whisnam JP, Hypertension and stroke, In: Laragh JH, Bremner BM, editors. Hypertension: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management.2nd ed. New York: Raveen Press; 1995.pp465-478.

Web links: Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency 2013, The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Canberra, viewed 24 January 2013, <>

Tables: each table should be placed accordingly in results and numbered in Arabic numerals. They should be preceded by short description of the most important findings in the tables.

Illustrations: photographs and radiographs should be submitted in half-plate prints (17x11cm). All figures should be unmounted. Arabic numerals should be given to number the illustrations. Illustrations in colors should not be submitted unless the author is willing to cover the cost.

Case Report:

Should not exceed 600 words, 3 illustrations and 3-4 references. The section should be: Case Report; Comment and References.

Submission of a manuscript:

All editorial communications should be addressed to:

Editor in-Chief of JKBMS

P.O.Box 0845/32, Ziraa square, 

KBMS, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Tel: 000964-662646881

Email: [email protected]

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