Overview on KBMS-Divisions Task

Vice President for Administration & Finance

Vice President is responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of administrative and financial related issues to all KBMS directorates.  It is the link between the president and the rest of KBMS bodies. Makes sure the smoothly daily administrative issues performance; in line  preparing the draft of KBMS annual financial planning for KBMS President and High Council to be approved and raised later to the higher relevant authority for final endorsement.

President Office

Presidents office is responsible for ensuring the effective functioning of administrative and scientific related issues to Scientific and Administrative High Council. It is the link between the president and the rest of KBMS bodies, and between the president and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


Responsible for developing, monitoring and evaluating strategies and policies related to the KBMS. Moreover; carrying out the implementation of the KBMS strategic plan and objectives, ensuring this supports and feeds into the overall strategy.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Continuing medical education (CME) provides continuing professional development for physicians and other health care professionals to contribute to their medical knowledge and clinical competence.  It improves health outcome through continuous growth of both knowledge and skills of practicing physicians and health care providers structured on practical and evidence based medical science offered.


This directorate is set up the time schedule for trainee examinations, liaising with the head of Clinical Specialty Councils and leading the examination team. Moreover; maintains an appropriate working environment concurrent with health and safety procedures, and provides stationary for smooth running examination. Ultimately; it is responsible for storage and security of examination papers, trainee scripts and results of examinations. The Directorate started its duty on August, 2010.


This Directorate receives all necessary pre-requisite documents from applicants to KBMS. Upon interview of those applicants by a special committee and reviewing of their documents they will be eligible applicants for admission examination. Those who passed the examination will get (registration code); this code becomes student box file code and will hold it to the end of the study.In line; it’s establishing the prerequisite requirements to obtain certification, development and the administration of the certifications.

Program, Quality Assurance & Accreditation

It coordinates with head and program directors of clinical specialty councils under supervision of KBMS president to ensure provision of a curriculum where their content and training courses meet the international standards of postgraduate medical education. Moreover; revises curriculum to reform or develop new curriculum and develop new evaluation processes for trainee.

Hospital Affairs

This Directorate aims to provide training centers with assets required for teaching and training purposes. Also working to set up information system includes information on human resources and administration structure of hospitals where the training center is located. Moreover conducts field visits to training centers to evaluate the requirement status of hospitals as a training center.

This directorate is working to have good medical records for patients inside hospitals which include all relevant data and information to the patient.

Date of establishment: December 2010.

Training Affairs

The four specialty councils “Medical, Surgical, Clinical Diagnostics, and Dental “relevant issues like embarkation, disarticulation and legation of the lecturers and ESTs are lookafter by this directorate.  It became active as of Aug.1st, 2011.

International Academic Relations

The main task for the Directorate is to bridge KBMS ties with Educational institutions abroad to train KBMS trainees in well recognized training centers. Moreover; facilitating the process of conduction of workshops and; visits of external examiners and guests to KBMS.

Directorate of Health and Safety

Its working to provide a safe, healthy work and educational environment for KBMS employees, trainees, visitors and physical assets to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

Directorate of Clinical Specialty Councils

This directorate is the administrative coordination body among the four clinical specialty councils (medical, surgical, dental and clinical diagnostics) including program directors and director of centers in the 3 training centers in Kurdistan Region. Moreover, liaising with the rest of KBMS directorate in relevant issues to this directorate.

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