Regulations and Requirements

Note:  ( ESTs & Trainee can proceed to the Directorate of Examinations at KBMS HQ building Floor 4 should she / he need further clarification mentioned below).

1.    Examinations will be conducted (Part-I and Part-II exam.) each year on April and October.
2.    Three consecutive trials are allowed for primary exam, the trainee must pass it during the first two years of the study; otherwise the trainee will be dismissed from the study.
3.    The trainee will be exempted from KBMS official duties one month ahead the start of final examination.
4.   The trainee is qualified from the date of endorsement of results by KBMS upon successful fulfillment of study requirements based on recommendations of Clinical Specialty Council.

5.   Examination Calendar for KBMS is as follow:

    1. April: Admission exam. + Re-sit exam. for Part- I & II (written & clinical exam. )
    2. October: Part- I (written exam.)
    3. October: Part- II (written & clinical exam.)