Welcome from KBMS President

The establishment of Kurdistan Board of Medical Specialties (KBMS) came after many years of sufferings which faced Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR). Aftermath uprising 1991 through 2003; sanctions imposed by Former Iraqi Regime on KR and on Iraq by the UN Security Council resolution 661 on August 1990  led to deterioration of health status of population and depletion of  qualified and trained  workforce. During that period and due to political or economic reasons; a very large proportion of highly qualified, experienced people at all levels including physicians, technicians and nurses left the country. Hence, the KR was in demand for building the future, for which the younger generations will need to be equipped with new skills, knowledge and ideals. Whereas; countries emerging from political distress carries with it major challenges to reforming a health system; one of such challenges is to ensure an adequate supply of competent workforce. Our aim via joining this website is to give an overview and insight on KBMS issues to the relevant readers.

KBMS aims to exchange knowledge, interactive networking and mobility of KBMS trainers and trainees between countries to attain and sustain national, regional or international quality. Concurrently; KBMS conducts internal self-evaluation and external review by independent specialists and/or international expertise.


Professor Hamanajm  Jaff (FRCP, FRCPI, FRCPSG, FCCP)

President of KBMS