KBMS Structure (Narrative description)

  1. KBMS is a teaching and training institution in the field of Medical Sciences which privileges the status of university and reports to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  2. KBMS has independent entity of administration and legislation, runs by a Scientific and Administrative High Council. The council is headed by KBMS President and the membership of vice president for administration and finance, four heads of medical, surgical, dental and clinical diagnostics specialty councils, and MOH represented by Directorate General for planning.
  3.  The Scientific and Administrative High Council , the Head of High Council, the Specialty Council and the Head, have the status of University Council, University President, College Council and the Dean; respectively.  While, the Vice President for Administration and Finance has the status of Director General.
  4. The Headquarter of KBMS is located in Erbil city. There are 4 affiliated Training Centers (TCs) which are located in Erbil, Sulaimaniah, Duhok and Kirkuk cities. Training Center is a center which provides facilities and teaching tools to implement the training program for Clinical Specialty Councils at teaching hospitals ( owned by Ministry of Health) recognized by KBMS  and the training centers affiliated to Medical Colleges (owned by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research).
  5. Those who are lookafter the training and lecturing of trainees in health facilities and lecture halls are categorized into three groups in order of responsibility: Program Director, Center Director, and Educational Supervisor and Trainer (EST). Program Director overall oversees the training centers in Kurdistan Region and Kirkuk for a specific program (specialty) ; Center Director is lookafter the specific program at the level of each Training Center for each governorate, while EST is directly oversees the trainees training and lecturing in each Training Center.
  6. All divisions of KBMS except vice president, head of councils and MOH representative have the status of Directorate.